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Welcome New Baby

In life, there’s nothing more joyful and miraculous than bringing a new-born baby home. Just not so long ago, there was this dreamy anticipation of the unknown, the quiet planning and brewing excitement between the parents-to-be and their loved ones, and now, there is a delightful bundle of joy laying snugly in his/her mother’s arms, admired by the world. This is truly a special moment, not just for the new parents but for their family members and friends alike. What a privilege it is to witness these wonderful, magical moments! It’s no wonder that many wish to show their happiness for the parents and their new family. Some offer new baby gifts like food and clothing, others offer their words of wisdom and advice about parenting. However, it can be a little bit overwhelming for the new mum and dad, and perhaps it is better to just congratulate them and welcome the baby home. To do this, the gift of flowers is the best way to go!

Why should we give flowers?

Flowers are universally known as one of the most popular gifts to give, and we can see why! Not only are these blooming beauties stunning, they can also freshen up the air and lift moods. Certain flowers have different symbolisms attached, making them great for getting the message across.
Bringing flowers for the new mum in hospital is certainly one of the sweetest ideas anyone could come up with. Samantha’s Flowers by Design offer same or next day delivery  .Your flowers will be delivered in mint condition.
Finding the correct flowers is important and we are more than happy to walk you through a guide to gifting the best flowers.

What are the best flowers for saying congratulations?

The most important thing to note is that the flowers will be in close proximity to the baby. Choose flowers that are allergy/hay fever friendly to avoid or at least minimalize any possible reactions. A healthy, happy baby and a smooth sailing experience for mum is top priority at this stage.
Traditional congratulatory flowers for the baby are usually bright and happy flowers. Bright coloured flowers in shades of pink, yellow and orange are all popular. This not only cheers up the mum but also reflects the welcoming atmosphere of having a new member in the family. White flowers are also welcome as they signify innocence and purity, while blue flowers are seen as a source of inspiration and hope.

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