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How to Choose a Flower Vase

While the flowers are usually the main attraction, the vase in which you place them acts as a frame for the natural art. The vase should compliment the flowers and not overshadow the beauty of the blooms. At the same time, the vase holds its place in the overall look of the centerpiece. Keep a selection of vases on hand to display various types of flowers as well as different sizes and shapes of flowers.

Step 1

Choose a square vase if you want to give your bouquet a wide berth. Square vases give a bouquet room to spread out, ideal for a tightly packed bunch of flowers. Square vases also add a bit of quirky or modern style to the presentation.

Step 2

Use a cylindrical vase with a tapered neck if you have tall, slim flowers you want to display. A cylindrical vase provides a more minimalist look that attracts the eye to the colorful buds of the flowers rather than to the vase

Step 3

Follow a basic rule when deciding on the size of the vase. Cut flowers should be one-and-a-half to two times the height of the vase.

Step 4

Consider the shape of the flowers when looking for a vase. For example, the rounded dome shapes of carnations look good in a spherical vase, and mixed flowers that have a variety of shapes with some weaker stems may be more appropriate in a ginger jar-shaped vase that has a wider center and holds the stems together close to the top.

Step 5

Arrange flowers with strong, healthy stems in clear glass vases to showcase the entire flower. Arrange stems so that they overlap and evenly fill 321 online casino the vase to provide a complete picture. A clear vase does not detract from the flowers, but rather puts more of the emphasis on the bouquet and very little attention on the vase.


Don’t use a large vase for small bouquets; the vase will dwarf them.
Don’t use a vase that is more colourful or more attractive than your flowers; the vase will detract from the beauty of the blooms.

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