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Acacia Meaning & Symbolism

The Ancient Acacia represents renewal, fortitude and pureness throughout the world.

In Freemasonry it is an emblem for the immortality of the human soul because of the ever green nature of this bush. It appears in various rituals including funeral services as a reminder that the soul, like energy, cannot be destroyed but continues beyond the Earth Plane.
It was a common practice in Hebrew tradition to plant an acacia at the head of a person’s grave, particularly that of a loved one. Here we see the Acacia Spirit not only reminding us of our eternal nature but also symbolizing bonuses remembrance. As an incorruptible bush, the ancients used Acacia in place of any other plant that they did not have available. Part of the reason that the Acacia was so revered was thanks to its natural capacity to fight insect attacks.

The instructions for the Ark were written on acacia wood. Some historians believe that the Tree of Life and the Burning Bush of biblical lore were both Acacia. In the Far East, various parts of the bush go into sacred incense for specific rituals. In Tibet, an incense of acacia burns away any ill-meaning ghosts and spirits. With all this in mind, a piece of Acacia wood might work well as a protective amulet.

Finally on March 8 in various European countries including Italy, men present Acacia flowers to a woman as a sign of love and affection. In other areas International Woman’s day commemorates women’s liberation and the on-going struggle some women experience due to cultural rules. Both of these meanings can be applied to Acacia – adoration and freedom.

Acacia Symbolic Meaning:

Endurance; Wholesomeness; Renewal; Protection from Spirits; Immortality; Autonomy; Adulation; Devotion; Safety; Diligence

Crystal Connections for Acacia:

Amber; Citrine; Honey Calcite; Yellow Fluorite

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