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Monday 6th July 2020

Kissing has always been a gesture with significance.

Kissing has always been a gesture with significance that extends even beyond romance. International Kissing Day is the perfect time for you to celebrate this simple, yet powerful gesture.

How do we Celebrate Kissing Day?

That's simple!
Giving a good morning kiss,
Greeting your fried with a kiss on the cheek,
Going for a kiss on the forehead..
and so many more kissing gestures.

Celebrate with Samantha's Flowrs by Design

International Kissing Day started in 2006 to celebrate on kissing between lovers, family, and friends.
We can help you add more spice!

Here are some idead to help you celebrate International Kissing Day.

Passionate Red Roses for Your Partner

Roses are the international language of love! They symbolise beauty, sensuality and passion.

Flowers for your Mum

Kiss your Mum on International Kissing Day. Every Mum deserves to be kissed by their children no matter pokies how old they are, we should never stop appreciating our mum!

Flowers for Your Bestie

Kiss your bestie on the cheek on International kissing day... we would be lost with out them!

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